Student of Faculty of Mathematics won in the contest “Find the Leader”

After the implementation of the university-level competition round from April 25 to June 12, the Association selected 12 excellent candidates who were eligible to participate in the city-level final round. The city-level final round has undergone 2 contests: the voting round “Find the leader” and “The leader’s journey”, the 05 contestants with the highest total score after the above 2 competitions participated in the “Leader shines”.

Congratulations to Doan Nhat Minh Thuy- Group 19ST2 for excellently receiving the “Find the leader” Voting Award. This is a practical activity to test and evaluate the knowledge, profession, and skills of union activities of the student union staff; creating a healthy exchange playground, exchanging experiences, demonstrating bravery and abilities, promoting the spirit of solidarity and creativity in the activities of associations and student movements.

Source: Mathematical Youth – UED – UDN