Introduction to Mathematics Teacher Education Program

1. Major (Vienamese):Sư phạm Toán học
2. Major (English):Mathematics Teacher Education
3. Level of degree:Bachelor
4. Program code:7140209
5. Enrollment target:High school graduate
6. Duration:04 years (08 semesters)
7. Level of education:Formal
8. Number of credit (minimum):130
9. Faculty:Faculty of mathematics
10. Language:Vietnamese
11. Website:
12. GPA type:4
13. Graduation condition:Students are considered for graduation when they fully meet the following conditions: – accumulate a minimum of 130 credits, which includes all required modules – Reach the output standard of Informatics – Reach foreign language output standards
14. Diploma:Bachelor degree
15. Job position:– High school/secondary school math teacher – Math specialist at Departments/Departments of Education and Training – Lecturer in Mathematics at Universities/Colleges – Researcher at institutes/research centers/mathematical applications – Experts at units with data analysis and processing functions
16. Post-graduate study opportunity:– Can continue to graduate level in all majors in math – Can continue to study at the graduate level with majors such as: Information Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, …
17. Benchmarked program:Mathematics Teacher Education, University of Education, Thainguyen University; Mathematics Teacher Education, University of Wollongong Australia
18. Update:31/07/2021
I. Objectives of the training program (Program Objectives: POs)

1. General Program Objective

The general program objective of Mathematics teacher education, University of Science and Education, The University of Da Nang is to educate students of bachelor’s degree in Mathematics Pedagogy with professional, professional and scientific research capacity to teach, work and manage in fields related to mathematics at educational institutions, research institutes and universities. businesses that need to apply mathematics at home and abroad; having the ability to start a business, adapt to a changing working environment and lifelong learning; have the qualities and ethics of a teacher.

2. Specific Program Objectives

University of Science and Education  – The University of Danang trains good learners of the Mathematics teacher program:

  • PO1: Having a background in political science and law, educational science, and in-depth math knowledge for career and lifelong learning.
  • PO2: Capable of organizing teaching, educational, and scientific research activities in the field of mathematics.
  • PO3: Have soft skills, creative thinking, ability to inspire and adapt to a changing working environment.
  • PO4: Having quality and ethics of teachers; awareness of community service and entrepreneurial spirit.
II. Program Learning Outcomes: PLOs

Learners upon graduation from the Bachelor of Mathematics Pedagogy program of the University of Pedagogy – the University of Danang have the ability to:

  • PLO1. Apply knowledge of political science and law, educational science and mathematics to teaching, researching and applying mathematics.
  • PLO2. Organize teaching and educational activities in the direction of developing learners’ quality and capacity.
  • PLO3. Apply information technology, using foreign languages ​​in teaching, researching and applying mathematics.
  • PLO4. Build a positive educational environment.
  • PLO5. Complete scientific research tasks in the field of mathematics.
  • PLO6. Demonstrate critical thinking, creativity, and complex problem-solving abilities.
  • PLO7. Develop communication and teamwork skills.
  • PLO8. Conduct behavior in accordance with the teacher’s qualities and ethics; participate in community service and form startup ideas.