Applied Mathematics


Mathematics is a fundamental and important science. Meanwhile, the needs of mathematics and the future of Vietnamese mathematics, the socio-economic development and science and technology will require how many people who are knowledgeable about math and what level … not yet is answered. “ In our country today, there is still no mathematical research that has significant application in economics, which is a sad reality ” – That is the statement of Prof. Dr. of Science. Le Tuan Hoa, President of the Vietnam Mathematical Association shared on the sidelines of the International Conference on Mathematics and Applications (ICMA 2011) taking place at the University of Economics and Law (Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City) from 20/02. December 12 to 22, 2011.
In a paper written for the Mathematical Training Workshop in Vietnam, Prof. Nguyen Tien Dung (a lecturer at the University of Toulouse – France) said: “ Every large organization and enterprise needs people with a graduate level in math to participate in technical, financial and professional issues and strategy for that organization or business. That is the direction of the world in the 21st century .” The Microsoft company has more than 1000 mathematicians recruited from around the world. This number is equivalent to the number of PhDs in mathematics in Vietnam. This speaks to the importance of training students of applied mathematics in Vietnam today.
Established in 1995, the Faculty of Mathematics is one of the key faculties of the UD-UEd, with the task of training researchers and teaching mathematics for universities and colleges in the country, especially applied mathematics. Currently, the faculty has 11 doctorates and 17 masters. Some young lecturers have successfully defended their doctoral theses in countries with advanced mathematics such as the US, Russia and Germany. The lecturers in the faculty have been chairing many scientific topics on applied mathematics, which can be applied in practice.


The goal of the applied mathematics major is to train human resources for industries that need direct applications of Mathematics. Graduated students with Bachelor of Applied Mathematics has good background knowledge and Mathematical tools, is competent in information technology and has knowledge of related majors to be able to understand or implement well the applications of mathematics in the specialized fields.

– Understand and apply well the basic knowledge of mathematics, physics and informatics.
– Language skills: fluently read documents in English; be able to write specialized reports in English; presenting thematic reports in English.
– Understand contemporary issues related to the field of Mathematics, especially Applied Mathematics.
– Basically understand problems in life that require statistics and forecasting, need mathematical models, need algorithms and programs to process.
– Vocational skills:
+ Mastering specialized training knowledge and applying them to the fields of Economics; Information technology and related fields of statistics and forecasting. Build models to simulate, come up with algorithms to solve life’s problems.
– Soft skills:
+ Ability to work independently;
+ Working in groups and with the community;
+ Collecting and processing information to solve problems in the context of global integration, adapting to economic, social and environmental conditions in the country. Using information technology and foreign languages ​​to serve professional and management work well;
+ Ability to write reports, present ideas through words and images.

After completing the bachelor’s program in Mathematics (applied major), students can take up the following job positions:
– Teaching applied mathematics to colleges , intermediate, …
– Participate in building algorithms for application software.
– Apply mathematical models to analyze data for evaluation and forecasting; analyze and evaluate statistics; Analyze and evaluate market supply and demand.
– Graduates can take up job positions at the following establishments:
+ Financial companies: securities companies, investment funds, banks, insurance companies;
+ Companies that need to process big data: market research companies, shipping companies, airlines;
+ Statistical institutes: Department of Statistics, research institutes (medicine, mathematics, mechanics…);
+ Departments of planning, finance, market research in corporate organizations or departments of planning, product design, production dispatching in production units.

– Capable of lifelong learning, ensuring professional and professional knowledge to study at the master’s or doctoral level in majors in the field of Mathematics.
– Ability to carry out Math research topics at different levels.