Student Activities

Summer of Volunteers: “Green Summer movement”

Campaign activities aim to promote the pioneering role of youths in socio-economic development and ensuring social security and defense in remote, border, and island areas.

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Blood Donation Activity 

For many years, the humanitarian blood donation has always received a high attention of the student at UED and has been at the forefront of UED‘s volunteer movements with an enthusiastic and active participation of a lot of students. This activity not only shows the noble deeds of the UED students, it also honors the tradition of love, the spirit of mutual support and the enthusiasm, willingness to share with the community of the UED youth.

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Sports activities

Keeping active is an important part of student life. Becoming a member of UED gives you access to the modern multi-functional gymnasium, stadium and to a lot of great venues for sports and recreation activities such as football, volley ball, badminton, basketball, and table tennis, etc.

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Culture movements

At UED, a thriving and vibrant culture is made up of an eclectic mix of performances, festivals, events and cultural studies that showcase a diverse range of creative disciplines at their best.

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